How to be confident with your decision

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There’s no way around it: if you want a successful relationship, you need to learn how to pick a partner.

But when it comes to love… it isn’t difficult to get into a complicated or even hurtful situation.

Education surrounding relationships is poor at best, so we pursue them while vulnerable and unprepared — mostly facilitated by mutual chemistry without a clue as to its cause.

But as expected, a relationship based on illusion inevitably ends in disillusionment and heartache.

As a reaction to this, we may believe that we can’t trust others, or worse: ourselves…

Questions to help you understand your emotions and increase productivity

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Procrastination has plagued me for as long as I can remember. I have always had skills and good ideas, but on many occasions, I’ve been stopped in my tracks when I’ve come up against emotional challenges.

I assumed how I felt about a complicated situation was an unchangeable condition. I sometimes tried to rely on others to think for me because I didn’t know how to deal with my thoughts and emotions to be able to find a solution to the problems I faced.

Despite appearing explicitly capable and experiencing some successes in life, I have underperformed in many of…

Are your articles getting too complex? Here’s how to bring them back.

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So your article is now impossibly complicated, long, and unpublishable — perhaps like the last few you attempted.

You’re overwhelmed by all the ideas and directions the article could take. Research has piled on more information. What you just wrote no longer relates to your headline and you don’t know how to cut the word count down to size.

Now you’re avoiding writing altogether, feeling unfulfilled and unconfident.

This sounds an awful lot like…

Writer’s overload

The final piece of the writer’s dark triad.

Writer’s overload isn’t the same as writer’s block where your ideas aren’t flowing. …

My warning to new creators, and general writing etiquette

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I had been working on an article over a period of months.

As I wrote, I uncovered the core insights I had to offer that helped me after around 10-15 years of personal struggle. In my view, it was my best work because it was so reflective of how I pulled my mind together.

I had high hopes for it …but it only received moderate views. In a way, I was ok with that.

Still, I decided to keep my eye on articles other writers were publishing to contrast with my own, and potentially discover why it didn’t do so…

From nihilistic youth to a sense of purpose

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Going through youth feeling lost and searching for meaning is hell.

You don’t know if you’re right or wrong about anything. You never feel optimistic about the future. You’re prone to making terrible decisions because you don’t know how to evaluate options. You don’t know who you are, and you don’t know what you want.

At times you hate the world, become impulsive, and reject yourself in order to escape because you don’t feel you have hope in contending with reality, so you will take whatever is on offer.

Personally, I never felt “young and free”. I was always chasing some kind of realization of the nature of existence and my…

Love is Temporary, Nudes are Forever

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Whenever nude images are leaked, hacked, or incautiously shared, people are hotly divided about who is responsible.

One camp hurries to defence and pulls the ‘stunning and brave’ card, expressing that you can do anything you wish. Freedom is above any sense of personal…

Lessons from bad decisions.

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This article came out of a casual night of perusing questions on Quora. I was new to the platform and felt like engaging in a few questions to feel it out.

I came across the question “what are 20 things that are not worth it? ” and I felt a hint of bitterness well up from less-than-satisfactory experiences and I thought: “oh yeah, I can answer this”.

It seemed like a great opportunity to exhume these feelings and perhaps turn them into lessons or personal reminders.

The list I came up with was, at times, controversial; but to my surprise…

When will we acknowledge the symptoms of anomie?

From Milo & I on (now

Mainstream journalists have had such a field day cultivating fear surrounding Joker one would suspect they were actually trying to instigate an act of violence. It would certainly bolster their narrative, influence the upcoming US election, and further demonize disaffected young men.

And to their dismay, nothing happened.

But this didn’t stop anyone from misinterpreting the film in the most brutal and unflattering of ways.

Since they don’t have their shiny new terrorist, they still managed to push the anti-white and anti-men angle assiduously, even before the movie came out.

And if that didn’t work, journalists are calling it “bleak” and “boring”as they did with Dave Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones. …

Turning age anxiety into opportunity

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This year I turned 27.

Something definitely feels different about this age.

I feel more mature, some things are getting clearer, but the demands of life can no longer be ignored with youthful naivety. Regrets of what should have or might have been have begun to creep in. I feel the potential in me that has yet to be expressed burning in my soul, forcing me to act. Procrastination has become more painful than the anxiety of taking action.

It’s daunting. It’s a battlefield of facing the things in life that you thought you could put off until ‘later’. I’ve…

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When you feel like you have an avalanche of ideas weighing on your shoulders but are unable to express them, it can stop you from enjoying even the most pleasurable things in life.

This pressure constantly lingers in the background, no matter what is currently occupying your time. You know there is something you ought to be creating, but you can’t bring yourself to do it.

If left unrealised, they can tear you apart.

So why don’t you face them?

Because you’re afraid that you can’t do it. You’re afraid of…

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